Board of Directors

Miles Richardson  

Kilslaay Kaajii Sding Miles Richardson

Kilslaay Kaajii Sding, Miles Richardson – of the Eagle Clan of Ts’aahl – was born in Daajing Giids Queen Charlotte City, Xaayda Gwaay.yaay Haida Gwaii, grew up in HlGaagilda Skidegate and in 1979 received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Victoria.
He has a long history of service to Haida and First Nations causes, and he brings a wealth of business and management experience to the role.
Kilslaay Kaajii Sding comes to HaiCo with significant governance experience, for example:
  • From 1984 to 1996, served as President of the Council of Haida Nation.
  • Was a member of the British Columbia Claims Task Force, which made recommendations to the Government of British Columbia and First Nations in British Columbia on how the three parties could begin negotiations to build a new relationship and what negotiations should include.
  • Was a member of the First Nations Summit Task Group, an executive body representing First Nations in British Columbia.
  • Is one of the original members of the David Suzuki Foundation and has been a board member since 1992. He is also a member of the Program Committee.
  • Has served as Commissioner to the BC Treaty Commission, and in November 1998, he was chosen as Chief Commissioner by agreement of Canada, BC and the First Nations Summit and served in that capacity for two three-year terms.
  • In 2007, Mr. Richardson was named an Officer of the Order of Canada, and currently serves on the New Relationship Trust Board of Directors.
Currently, he operates his own business advisory service and is the Director of the National Consortium for Indigenous Economic Development at the University of Victoria.

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Robert Williams  


Robert Williams is the Essential Skills Instructor & WESTT Program Manager at TRICORP in Prince Rupert. He received his Joint Bachelor of Arts degree (honors) in Political Science and English from the University of Northern BC (UNBC) in 2005 and his Master's degree from UNBC in 2009, where he also taught English and First Nations Studies.
A proud member of the Haida Nation, he returned to his home community of Skidegate in 2008, at the age of 24, to serve on the Skidegate Band Council at a time when that organization was on the verge of entering into Third Party Management. Working collaboratively with his colleagues and the community, the team emerged from remedial status in 2010 - just two and a half years later. Robert served his community for a total of eight years, six of which were spent as the Deputy Chief Councillor.
In 2013, Robert collaborated with Dr. Atholl Sutherland-Brown, former President of the Geological Association of Canada, on the latter's publication Searching for the Origins of Haida Gwaii: Adventures While Mapping the Geology of the Islands, 1958-62.
In addition to teaching, Robert does occasional manuscript editing for ECW Press out of Toronto.
In his spare time, Robert enjoys reading a variety of books ranging from poetry to philosophy. He remains an avid follower of Haida Nation and Canadian politics.

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April Churchill (Xiihliikingang, Gawa Git’ans Gitanee) was born on April 1, 1951. April served as a Old Massett Village Council Representative, an interim CHN Administrator, years as the Administrative Assistant supporting the Haida Nation political bodies, and three years as the Vice President of the Haida Nation. She has served as a Cultural Education Director, as the Ketchikan Museum Program Coordinator, as a Haida Language assistant in the classroom, as well as in retail management. She is a Haida weaver and teacher.

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Keith Moore  


Keith Moore is a Registered Professional Forester and an independent forestry consultant operating his own business based in Queen Charlotte. Since arriving on Haida Gwaii in the late 1970’s, Keith has been involved in many of the events involving forests, resources and people on the islands. He was involved in the Community Land Use Planning Forum, and served as a Technical Advisor in the government to government negotiations and facilitated analysis of timber supply impacts. In 2015 he worked on contract as the coordinator for the development of a comprehensive Forestry Strategy for Haida Gwaii. In 2016, he provided advice about the possible establishment of a large “community forest” on the islands. He has worked closely with the Haida Nation for many years and is vitally interested in community stability and health. His forestry consulting business has also taken him to a dozen other countries around the world where he has led or worked on forest management and forest certification projects. He is actively involved in the Forest Stewardship Council in Canada and internationally. Keith has worked for many years as a seasonal guide for visitors to Gwaii Haanas and has an interest in tourism and educational opportunities offered by the forests, waters and communities of Haida Gwaii. Keith lives in Queen Charlotte with his wife, Helen, and has two grown sons who have also chosen to return to the islands to live.

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Shane grew up in Port Alberni on Vancouver Island and is a member of the Skidegate band. He has a BSc from UBC in Wood Products Processing and has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and sales in the BC forest industry. Shane is currently the General Manager of Specialty Lumber Sales & Marketing for Interfor, North Americas 4th largest forest products company and the 2nd largest forestry company operating on the BC coast. He is also the chairman of the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association which is the voice of the cedar industry in bringing together manufactures, distributors, retailers and end users in promoting the use and value growth of western red cedar lumber products. In 2011, Shane graduated from the UBC Sauder School of Business with an MBA in Strategic Management with a special focus on sustainability. He lives in Deep Cove, North Vancouver with his wife Patty and their two sons.

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Othgaljad, Patricia Moore is from the Kwii Unglis Yaghujaanas clan from Gaaw (Old Massett). She holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration, a Bachelors degree in Commerce, and grad certificates in Project Management and Community Economic Development. Patricia is an Entrepreneur and currently works in the areas of Construction, Culinary Arts, Tourism, Entrepreneurship and Cultural Management. Born and raised on the North West Coast, Patricia has called Haida Gwaii Home for the past 20 years and currently lives in Gaaw with her husband Gheetsanagus and their two sons Kiijuuthlaas, and Qwaasas.

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Terri Walker  


Terri Walker is from the Tsiits Git’Anee eagle clan from Massett Inlet and lives in HlGaagilda Skidegate. She currently is the Chief Executive Officer of Haida Gwaii Accounting & Income Tax Ltd. She has over 25 years of experience in accounting, finance and human resources. Terri had her Certified General Accountants Designation and Aboriginal Financial Officer Association Designation, but in 2008, decided to move to retirement status and as a result resigned from both designations.
Prior to opening Haida Gwaii Accounting & Income Tax, Terri worked primarily with First Nations organizations with a large focus in the area of Post Secondary Education. She was the Bursar and Registrar of the Institute of Indigenous College, where she oversaw the student records system, student enrollment, finances and accounting as well as human resources. She went on a secondment to the Nunavut Artic College head office located in Iqaluit Nunavut as the Assistant Bursar. During her year and a half in the North, she worked as part of a team that was tasked to implement two government of Nunavut initiatives. The First Initiative was to migrate the student registration/records system and the accounting software to Territorial Government platforms. The second initiative was to deploy the College Head Office to the community of Arviat.
Terri is a member of the Village of Queen Charlotte business licencing select committee, Treasurer for the Navy League of Canada – Haida Gwaii branch and is the General Manager for the GwaiiTel Society. She looks forward to working on the HaiCo Board and is excited to work with the business entities to achieve their goals for the Company and Haida Nation.

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