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Morey Maslak
Morey has been a part of the WCR family since 1999. His time at Westcoast's remote lodge locations have given him the opportunity to experience the beauty and culture of the the BC coast first hand, something he still finds inspiring on a daily basis.



Posted 03|26|2015

It is with great excitement and anticipation that we prepare to kick off the 2015 operating season here at Westcoast Resorts. This year will mark the 20th consecutive season in operations for Westcoast Resorts and we’re excited open our doors on May 30th at our lodge locations in Haida Gwaii (Englefield Bay and Hippa Island), followed by Milbanke Sound on the north central coast on June 14th.


We are currently in the process of wrapping our 2015 seasonal hiring and expect to have completed the majority of our hiring by March 31st.

Repairs and maintenance have been underway since October of 2014 in preparation for the 2015 season. Beyond the big 3 systems (power, water, septic) the lodges have been undergoing some cosmetic and functional updating, with a more extensive expansion taking place on the Hippa Island facility. This includes an additional 6 rooms have been constructed (previously housed staff) increasing the lodge capacity by 12 and bring our total capacity to 48 Guests. In addition to the new guest rooms, we’ve increased our lounge space, updated the dry room, relocated our gift shop as well as added a new exercise room. To cap off the renovation, customers at Hippa Island will also have access to a sauna adjacent to the new workout space!

In February we spent a few days on island and met some great people in Massett and Skidegate. Thank you to those that attended and please continue to look for employment opportunities with Westcoast Resorts through Social Media networks on Haida Gwaii as well as the HaiCo website and office in Skidegate. There are currently several applicable courses being offered on island though North Coast Community College as well as the Hecate Strait Employment. These courses (SVOP, ROC-M, MED A3, Marine Basic First Aid) are an example of some of the certificates required for employment as a Fishing Instructor at Westcoast Resort's lodges.

In late September Westcoast Resorts was awarded a Bronze level certification from Green Tourism Canada (For additional info please visit: www.greentourismcanada.ca). Westcoast Resorts Green Tourism certification reinforces our commitment to operate in a sustainable manner and is the first step in acknowledging that this will be a continuous mandate and goal!

Westcoast Resorts performed quite well in 2014 and by many metrics was the most successful season to date under HaiCo’s ownership. 2014 saw an exceptional occupancy rate of nearly 95%. For the most part our clients were treated to a great experience and solid fishing, however for several reasons (transportation logistics, work flow procedures, staffing etc) some guests felt their experience fell below expectations. We feel that the necessary steps have been taken to rectify these concerns and are confident moving forward that our customer will be treated to the Westcoast Resorts hospitality that have set us apart from the competition for the past two decades. With the 2015 operating season approaching fast the Westcoast Resorts sales group is working diligently to introduce our products to as many customers as possible.

Location, Location, Location

Our new office and warehouse located at YVR’s South Terminal is set for completion at the end of April. Our plan is to be operational in our new space for the 2015 operating season, this will provide significantly better access for our customers to our office, not to mention the benefit of our new proximity and exposure to all Anglers going fishing from the South Terminal.


We are always interested in feedback and suggestions. Should you have any questions regarding Westcoast Resorts please feel free to contact me directly.