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Richard Jones
Richard Jones started in the forest industry on Haida Gwaii three months after he graduated from Queen Charlotte Elementary /Secondary School, and has worked in the woods for most of the past 27 years.



Posted 03|19|2015

Taan Forest manages the largest timber cut on Haida Gwaii, with an AAC (Annual Allowable Cut) of 340,000 m3 from our TFL (Tree Farm License), and 120,000 m3 from our FLTC (Forest License to Cut). We also manage, and partner with Skidegate Enterprises in the manufacturing of cedar poles.
Taan, by way of its many phase contractors, continues to produce both export and domestic product from 8 different logging blocks. When production is in full swing, we are sorting and booming some 2000 m3 per day, which is the equivalent to nearly 40 log truck loads of wood.
We have finally managed to get into the higher quality blocks, producing high quality cedar and spruce logs that will work well with our custom cut program. With the amount of production that our contractors are achieving, it looks like we will reach 100,000 m3 of production for the 4th quarter, which I believe will be a first in Taan’s short history.
In the near future, we hope to begin the process of having new full time contractors in place to fill the void that was left behind due to E&A declaring bankruptcy. The exact wording of the request for proposals is yet to be determined, as we continue our talks with USW. This we hope, will bring a little more stability to the economy of Haida Gwaii.


Goal 1 | Employment
  • Gary Russ, Ruby Saunders and James Hageman, recently completed the Incident Investigation Training Course. The Junior Engineer Crew, managed by Jerome Benoit, have also recently completed their CFI Survey training, a requirement when adhering to the LUOO (Land Use Order Objective) in their engineer training.
  • James Hageman has also recently taken his Paramedic Training, and is now using this training as a much needed volunteer at the QC Ambulance Service. He continues to work towards the completion of his Level 3 First Aid ticket, which Taan hopes to be a large asset in the local logging industry.
Goal 2 | Environment
  • As part of continued progression in the field of safety, Taan required all contractors to submit and obtain their Safe Certification. In order to lead the way in this requirement, Taan Forest also submitted, and was recently registered as Safe Company with the Forest Safety Council.
  • Taan Forest continues to maintain their FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) Certification, as well as their strict adherence to the LUOO set in place to protect the culture and long term economy of Haida Gwaii.
  • The sale of both export and domestic remain in the works. While the domestic market has taken a recent down turn, the domestic market, and in particular, the Cedar market remain very strong. The combination of the two markets sets our current log sales value between 110 and 120 dollars.
  • As the 2015/16 fiscal year begins, we will continue to strive towards reaching, and maintaining, a surplus of roads and engineering in our operations. This will allow us to better react to market swings in the future. To help our Planning Department in this aspect, another round of LIDAR (Laser Illuminated Detection and Ranging) which is shot via an aircraft, is going to be collected in the near future. We are hoping that this data will greatly increase the abilities of our Planning Department, as it will most definitely take a large portion of the guess work out of the game.
  • The local tree planting season has begun, and in order to continue to build local contract abilities, a program has been developed whereby a new company has a portion of the plant. A more qualified contractor has signed on to supervise not only their own plant, but that of the new planters while they continue to build their planting, and plant management skills.
  • Taan continues to work towards completing the task of placing new contractors to work the TFL AAC, with the hope that the finalization of this will bring a little more stability to the local logging community.


As we close out our 2014/15 fiscal year, we look back at the many difficulties that we faced, and hope to learn from these circumstances moving forward. We look forward to a new profitable and productive year, all the while adhering to our Certifications and Land Management.