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Joelle Rabu
Over the past 3 decades, Joelle has increased her knowledge and passion for cultural tourism by learning several languages and working in resorts from New Zealand to Nootka Sound. Dedicated to sustainable tourism practice and respect for the preservation of cultures and languages, Joelle is proud to lead the amazing Haida House team into its 4th season. Giin gii uu dang is gudang? Xaayda Naay çaa uu dii guuda kaaw ga!



Posted 03|30|2015

The Haida House at Tllaal continues to maintain a standard of service excellence, which is being acknowledged by international travel trade companies around the globe.


Bookings - Where are we at?
Now in our 4th operating season, our challenge is no longer trying to attract visitors to Haida Gwaii; our challenge is to accommodate them!
Currently, in our first quarter, we have reached over 90% occupancy for July and August, while May, June and September are reaching their occupancy potential with steady bookings daily.
Contributing factors helping us achieve this level of success continue to be:
  •  Word of mouth.
  • Being recognized by being awarded both the Provincial and National Aboriginal Tourism Awards, Achieving the top rating as TripAdvisor’s Visitors Choice.
  • The loyalty of our travel partners such as BC Ferries Vacation, who continues to be our #1 promoter and has presented remarkable publicity on our behalf throughout their fleet and across the country with their Globe and Mail connection and BCTV vacation give-aways.
  • The low Canadian dollar and low fuel prices seem to be encouraging people to spend their vacation dollars in their own country, and this is evident with the number of bookings from Ontario and BC.
When employees are happy, they are your very best ambassadors
  • Our biggest contributing factor to our success is our staff. For the past 3 seasons we have had a 95% return rate, some of our staff has gone on to work at our sister lodges at WCR and Haida Wild Seafoods, some have returned to post secondary education.
  • The team needed to build this type of business from the ground up has to be made up of dedicated, dependable and committed players.
  • We will be conducting in-person interviews in April to add to our already existing team for 2015.
  • On a personal note, I consider myself very fortunate to work with such amazing people.
ATBC - Marketing
Aboriginal Tourism in Canada: Sustainable tourism, greatest socio-economic impact to the communities, environmentally& culturally respectful
  • Our greatest affiliate is, without a doubt, AtBC [Aboriginal Tourism BC]. The results of their recent attendance at the International Berlin Travel Trade show (the largest in the world), and the International Aboriginal Tourism Conference in Quebec exemplify their vision for strong leadership in the BC tourism market and their commitment to support their stakeholders. Haida House has been a marketing stakeholder from day one and this has largely contributed to our speedy exposure.
  • Travel trade contracts with the Haida House are already being negotiated for 2016, while our all-inclusive packages continue to be fine- tuned and tailored for the growing demand for Aboriginal Cultural Experiences worldwide. Check out Aboriginal Canada.
Appreciating a culture through its art
  • Another initiative we continue to nurture at the Haida House is our Artisan Program which aims at generating a comprehensive data bank of all market-ready artists and artisans and helping them promote their creations through our retail sales outlet at the Haida House and at our sister lodges at Westcoast Resorts.
  • ATBC is a leader in the protection of Indigenous Art with their AtBC Art Program.


I invite you to contact me at anytime by email or phone: 778.260.0042
Haaw’a ~ Joëlle
B&B open May 14, 2015 ~ Dining Room open dinners May 20 by reservation only